Intermittent Fasting

About Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is quite unique, as it doesn’t simply change what you eat, it changes when you do. The purpose of this is to lose fat and gain muscle.
When your body digests food, it can last from three to five hours, and this is known as the fed-state. In this state, it is difficult to burn fat off. After your body is no longer processing a meal, it is easier to burn fat, since it is the fasted state. 12 hours after our last meal is typically when this happens.
There are many benefits to this diet, as people can continue to eat what they love while cutting back the necessary amount it will take to lose weight.
In restricting calories, it helps people to live longer, and the structure of the diet prevents a person from starving or not feeling full enough. It reduces the risks of cancer, and it considered much easier than any ordinary diet to partake in.
Cutting two meals a day out of daily diet is a disadvantage, however a person learns not to eat at certain times, and this ultimately leads to a healthier lifestyle.


Different Types Of Intermittent Fasting

20-Hour Fast

(Warrior Diet)

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The 5:2 Diet


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16/8 Fasting


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24-Hour Fast


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