20 Hour Fast Warrior Diet

Being called the ‘Warrior Diet’, the dieters fast for 20 hours a day, and then eat one large meal at the end of the night. Cycling periods of under-eating for over 12 hours is recommended with this diet, as well as 4 hours of over-feeding.

It is based on a theory that we are all programmed to eat at night time, and that sleep and muscle-building will be made easier with the adoption of this particular diet. However, protein snacks such as vegetables and fruit are allowed throughout the day.

Foods that these labelled ‘warriors’ are suitable to eat include vegetables, supplements, fruit, and whey protein. It’s also recommended that the main meal is full of whole, unprocessed foods, according to ‘bodyandsoul.com’.

Food choices start as light, and end as dense. In the early hours of the day, a person could begin with water, vegetable juices, coffee or tea. During the day, light snacks such as berries and yoghurt are effective, and a large cooked meal should be served at night.

According to ‘muscleandfitness.com’, the ‘Warrior Diet’ helps with anti-aging, can spike insulin sensitivity, improves muscle growth, and burn excess energy.