24 Hour Fast Eat-Stop-Eat

Also known as the ‘eat-stop-eat’ diet, the purpose of this lifestyle is to fast up to twice a week, and to stop eating for 20-24 hour intervals. In doing so, calorie intake is reduced by up to ten percent. During these fasting periods, only coffee, herbal tea, black tea, water and diet soda can be consumed, whereas foods must be eaten sparingly during non-fasting days. Fasting can be begun at any time of the day, as long as there is a 24 hour stretch of non-eating.

Weight training exercises is also necessary within this diet, as it strongly helps to build muscle. This is highly recommended three to four times each week.

There are many benefits to this diet, including the likeliness of weight-loss, the reduction of inflammation and cellular cleansing, and that fact that no particular food group must be eliminated. However, it’s important that a person makes sure this diet is suitable to them. According to the ‘eatstopeat.org’ website, there is also a reduced need for obsessive and compulsive eating if this diet is adopted.