The 5 2 Diet

As the ‘Fast Diet’, two days of the week restrict calories to just below 600, while the rest of the week are eating as normal. 25% of calorie consumption must be restricted Again, as with most intermittent fasting, the pattern focuses on when food is eaten, not what is eaten. Eating three times a day during fasting periods is essential, but meals should be small.

However, it is still important to have a balanced way of eating so this diet can take affect. Eating properly prevents hunger from worsening, so smaller portions of lean meats, fish and eggs will suffice, as well as a number of green vegetables, soups, and salads. Processed foods and carbohydrates isn’t recommended on fasting days, and this includes pasta, white bread and rice.

Regarding health benefits, the ‘Fast Diet’ reduces insulin levels and overall improves insulin sensitivity. It’s thought to also aid in cell repair, which can prevent heart disease, stroke, dementia, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, according to ‘’.